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Khai Ling Tan, MD

Dr. Tan has a diverse educational background. She was born in Malaysia, completed her high school education in Australia, and attended medical school in University of Calgary in Canada. After graduating from medical school in 2003, Dr. Tan chose to further her training in Medical College of Wisconsin OBGYN residency program. Upon completion of residency, she accepted an attending position in Milwaukee where she had the opportunity to be actively involved in efforts to empower women's health at all levels. 

Dr. Tan believes in combining state of the art evidence-based medicine and personal attention for each patient to provide the highest quality of individualized care. Dr. Tan values a strong and trusting doctor-patient relationship. She believes that the best health care is delivered when there is a collaborative partnership between the patient and her doctor.


Dr. Tan has special interest in minimally invasive surgery which allows for small incisions and quicker recovery. She is an active member of AAGL. She has served as a faculty in laparoscopic suturing course in the 2008 Global Congress in Minimally Invasive Gynecology. Dr. Tan also performs various in-office procedures including but not limited to office hysteroscopy, endometrial ablations, Essure birth control method, colposcopy and LEEP.


Dr. Tan is a proponent for a balanced lifestyle. When she is not working, she enjoys running, tennis, yoga and skiing. Dr. Tan recently picked up golf and hopes to improve her game in this gorgeous sunny state of Arizona!


Dr. Tan is currently accepting new OB and GYN patients for pregnancy and women’s health issues.  If you are pregnant or have a gynecologic need, please call today and be seen today.

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